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Eco Cloth Car Chamois

WM-MFC / 9333544000221

The White Magic Car Chamois is Australia’s No.1 Car Chamois. It starts with the premium blend of Korean microfibre that is stronger, more absorbent and more aggressive for dirt pick up than cheaper Chinese microfibre. Combine this with a unique waffle pattern that is super absorbent that will clean and dry any surface on the outside of the car ie paintwork, plastic trim, glass and steel. It will leave a streak free finish on all surface such as glass, paintwork and plastic trim. Use it on the interior as well for a perfect clean of windows, dashboard, seats etc.


  • Chemical free cleaning solution – Just Use Dry.
  • Premium Eco cloth fibres.
  • Super Absorbent cloth that cleans and dries the car streak free.
  • Can be used on exterior as a chamois and inside as a duster.
  • Super soft fibres will not scratch delicate car paint surfaces.
  • Can be Machine Washed up to 300 times.


How to use

  1. Use Cloth dry
  2. Fold into quarters
  3. When using on exterior wipe over wet areas in a circular motion
  4. When using on interior use either slightly damp or dry


Where to use

  • Glass, Paintwork, Interior, Plastic/ Aluminium Trim


Size: 60 x 40cm
Material: 78% Polyester / 22% Polyamide
Made in Vietnam/ Fabric Made in Korea