Small Double Helix Barbecue Brush

Size: 30cm long

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The patented continuous bristle design, means this brush maintains its shape and integrity. The handle allows for comfortable gripping. The double helix will clean the side and top of the grill rods at the same time. The spring bristle will bend and morph to scrape your BBQ grates and grills quickly so that your BBQ is ready for cooking.

Size : 30cm

How to use

  1. Pre heat the barbecue for 10-15 minutes on the highest heat
  2. Wet brush in water and scrub the grill
  3. Continue to wet the brush as it dries out
  4. When the brush gets dirty, rinse in warm water, or place in a dishwasher

Tip: Oil your food and not the grill – this will reduce build up of food debris on the grill.