Eco Basics Fridge Deodoriser Refill


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Keeps your fridge fresh, dry & odour free


  • How does it work?
    The Eco Basics Fridge Deodoriser Refill is the bamboo charcoal bag for refilling your fridge deodoriser to absorb airborne moisture, odour and bacteria. It takes 1 week for the full affects of the bamboo charcoal to clean and purify the air in your fridge. The bamboo charcoal is made from MOSO bamboo and can be recharged every month by placing in direct sunlight. After one year simply empty the bamboo charcoal into the garden as a fertiliser.
  • How many to use per fridge?
    1 Fridge Deodoriser per 300L Fridge Capacity.
  • How to reuse?
    1. Once a month, remove the bamboo charcoal bag.
    2. Place the bamboo charcoal bag into direct sunlight for 1 hr.
    3. The UV rays from the sun will recharge the bamboo charcoal for another months worth of use.
    4. Insert the bamboo charcoal bag back into the lemon case and place back in the fridge.
  • How to dispose?
    1. After one year, remove the bamboo charcoal bag.
    2. Cut open the bamboo charcoal bag and sprinkle contents into garden to act as a natural fertilser.
    3. Dispose of the bag into general waste bin.